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What Shall I Tell My Children?

I never bore children. Initially, I was terrified of labor and childbirth. Ever since seeing those unforgettable films about childbirth in elementary school, I was pretty much deterred from bearing children (smile). As the years progressed, I became less focused on whether to have children and honed in on my law and music careers. However, I always had a strong maternal instinct — that innate capacity to love, nurture, inspire, and motivate. (I suppose that’s why my closest friends and acquaintances often said to me: “You’d make a great mom.”) This maternal instinct was prevalent in many of my relationships over the years — with friends, siblings, team members, and even lovers. Ultimately, a hysterectomy would finally resolve any further questions of a personal childbirth.

At the end of the day, one need not bear or raise children to possess an innate instinct or ability to love, nurture, and guide another human being. And so, as I think of how I can give back to the universe a piece of what I have learned and gained on my journey, I think about the children, the future. And what shall I tell my children whom some have labeled “the lost generation?” What shall I tell my future, upon whose shoulders rests the fate of communities, of countries, of nations?

~ Know who and whose you are. 

~ Respect your ancestry. 

~ Move through life with intention, not wandering or wavering. 

~ Trust your higher power and believe in yourself.

~ You are creative and uniquely you, and the world is your oyster. 

~ Even when you think no one else believes in you, YOU believe in you.

~ Understand your past, so you can appreciate your future. 

~ It’s ok to have s/heroes in your life, but the greatest gift you can give yourself is to know that there is a hero right there inside you.

~ Through your mistakes, peaks, and valleys, LIVE.  Dream the impossible. Do the improbable. And, in a world full of compromise, dreams deferred, and hope that dies, don’t be afraid to dream.

In my A Woman Evolves (“AWE”) biopic, I say (or sing) to the children, 

Stand tall. You are invincible, the ruler of your dreams…through your hopes, fears, joy, tears …don’t be afraid to dream.” The same applies to the inner child in everyone.

(Fun fact: The children appearing in the AWE biopic also appear on the vocal track of the song, “Don’t be Afraid to Dream.”)

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