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STRONGER THAN…™️ Breast Cancer Awareness Tshirts

STRONGER THAN…™️ t-shirts commemorating Breast Cancer Awareness! Gift yourself or someone else one of these timeless originals


STRONGER THAN…™️ t-shirts

Gift yourself or someone else one of these timeless originals

A Woman Evolves

The A Woman Evolves (AWE) biopic, derived from the one-woman show of Coré Cotton, former lead singer of the Grammy-winning Sounds of Blackness. AWE provides an up- close-and- personal, inspiring view of Coré's journey to full self-acceptance as a corporate attorney, Grammy-winning artist, author, life coach, and chair of the 2022 national STRONGER THAN campaign, based on her proprietary song of the same name. Though having toured the world with her passion for music and having excelled to senior leadership in corporate law, Coré did not escape navigating societal expectations of the "right" career for a black woman of her time. However, she found her voice and power by courageously stepping outside the box while rejecting others’ versions of what her path to success should be.

Coré Presents: An AWEsome Christmas Blessing

Introducing Coré Presents: An album for the holidays, designed with you in mind. Hear some of your old favorites…but not quite like you’ve heard them before and some of Coré's new original music. Be prepared to be soothed and inspired with beautiful harmonies, soulful sounds, and rhythmic beats. Join the holiday music fest with Coré and guests, including Dr. M. Jeanne Cotton, Coré's original music mentor!

AWE Biopic Soundtrack

Hear the melodic, heartwarming, and scintillating tunes by Coré from the AWE biopic.